Raymond Cordier

We were planning to sell our house in Malibu and had been talking with various realtors when a friend said to call Michelle Bolotin.

I met Michelle at the house and discussed some ideas, and we had a good understanding from the beginning.

Before we listed the house, Michelle took the time to show me houses for sale in the area, to get ideas about pricing, what buyers are looking for, etc. Also, before listing our house, we decided to have some inspections done so we knew where we stood and could show reports to buyers. Both before and after the offer, Michelle had excellent referrals for inspectors, lenders and escrow companies.

As this was my first time selling a house, I had many questions, and Michelle provided a lot of information.

During the process, the number of our text messages and phone calls was significant, and we had excellent communication (calls were returned quickly or as soon as possible).

Michelle is knowledgeable and experienced, has good judgment, and she definitely put in the time that was needed to do an excellent job.

I feel so fortunate to have had Michelle as my realtor.

Raymond Cordier